About EIP

'Energy Is Played'
A space for all energy market players to participate in diverse energy programs on many levels and efficiently manage their various energy resources.

Become the world’s TOP VPP service provider

We aspire to lead the global energy market as the TOP VPP service provider in the world, helping energy companies, power generators, and governments around the world drive business success through our stable, high-quality VPP platform and energy resource portfolio management solutions. While marching toward our goal, we encourage environmentally sustainable practices in both business and everyday life as a vital step towards environmental responsibility and transition to a world running on renewable energy, utilizing power more efficiently, and reducing carbon emission.

Core Values
We take pride in EIP strategy, brand, and culture that are based on the following principles and beliefs.

  • Environment - At EIP, we understand the importance of clean energy and minimizing the negative impact we as people have on the environment. We believe it’s our duty to do the best of our ability, individually and as a company, to make eco-friendly choices daily and inspire others to follow in our footsteps.
  • Flexibility - We know that what works for Company A might not be the best choice for Company B. That’s why we look at each client and each market as a separate case and customize the solution that fits specific needs and requirements.
  • Integrity - EIP is led with an open approach and consists of honest people to work with. We want to provide only trustworthy, stable, and dependable service, and so that’s what we pour into our work on a daily basis - integrity, reliability, and genuine care for our clients and their business.
  • Cooperation - Nothing beats energetic collaboration. We love joining hands with people who share the same goals and passion as us and we are thrilled to work together towards those goals with a can-do attitude and enthusiasm. EIP welcomes and values strong partnerships and cooperation since it’s our core belief that the best results are achieved when all sides combine their different strengths, specialties, and perspectives to the table.
  • Enthusiasm - We love what we do and we take pride in our skills, experience, and know-how, and with numerous successful projects under our belt, we are eager and confident to take on any challenge that comes our way - this is what drives us here at EIP, and we love to share it with others.