About EIP

'Energy Is Played'
A space for all energy market players to participate in diverse energy programs on many levels and efficiently manage their various energy resources.

Who We Are

EIP lets you dive into energy resource portfolio management based on DR, AI technology, and optimal energy storage and transaction. Our platform is designed for all energy market players and offers more efficient use and management of energy resources.

Our journey began in 2010 when Korea was preparing to open the DR market. We entered the energy solution business by developing OpenADR standard protocol based Korea’s first Demand Response Management System (DRMS), and this DR-based energy management technology soon became the core of our globalization and what launched us into the overseas market, reaching first Japan and Southeast countries.

We didn’t stop there - instead, for the past decade, we grew our expertise through numerous domestic and international collaborations, diverse government projects, and industry-recognized certifications. This further extended our energy management services to DER management, Micro-Grid, V2G (Vehicle to Grid), VPP (Virtual Power Plant), and we are very excited to combine the entire specter of offerings in one unified platform for all energy market players - EIP.

Now, we are thrilled about what is coming next - with more than a decade of experience in our field and technical know-how gathered through the years as a frontier from DR business models to VPP business models, we continue to partner up with global top tech & business companies & organizations and invite businesses from all over the world to join us and work together on opening new energy markets by providing our technology and optimizing platform according to each country’s Policy & Regulations based on our extensive experience. EIP is ASIA's No.1 DR-based DER portfolio optimizing and operating business platform and it perfectly supports your market Policy & Regulations and Technology.