Who we are

Here at EIPGRID, we are creating technology that can energize our life.

We started in 2010 as a provider of Demand Response solutions by developing Korea’s first OpenADR-based Demand Response Management System (DRMS). After numerous domestic and international R&D collaborations, diverse government projects, and more than a decade of experience, our energy management services now also encompass Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management, Micro-Grid, V2G (Vehicle to Grid), and VPP (Virtual Power Plant), while we combine all of our energy services into one unified platform - EIP.

Our platform is designed to support all energy market players, from community managers in charge of distributed energy resources and end-users to aggregators and utilities in charge of the grid and facilitating energy market participation. With EIPGRID's cutting-edge technology and AI-powered decision making, our customers get to maximize their profits while diving into various business applications simultaneously, including Demand Response, Photovoltaic (PV), Energy Storage System (ESS), Electric Vehicle (EV), and Micro-Grid, and at the same time being able to explore numerous benefits of the RE100 business model and CO2 trading.

By energizing the communities around the world, our team of businessmen, developers, and researchers are enhancing the quality of life on Earth for every person, of every race, color, sex, and social status. It’s our goal to support the communities by providing them with better energy for a better life.