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What makes us EIPGRID

  • Teamwork

    Marching towards the same goal, but contributing to it with your own strengths is what makes a good team. And on our way to achieving the EIPGRID mission, you will be surrounded by people who support and learn from each other, share ideas and knowledge, and most of all, enjoy working together every step of the way.

  • Inclusivity

    At EIPGRID, you will be working with people from different backgrounds, but who will share the same passion as you. We do not discriminate against gender, race, color, religion, nationality, and are committed to creating and keeping an inclusive workplace that offers equal opportunities for everyone.

  • Healthy workplace

    The job we do and the time we spend together are very precious, and we are devoted to making it meaningful and enjoyable. We don’t see you as just an employee, we see you as a person - with friends, family, hobbies, interests, abilities. In order for you to show your true potential and achieve your goals, EIPGRID ensures a respectable and encouraging environment that will nurture all your special strengths, recognize the value you bring to the team, and help you find your way and grow.


  • Work-life balance

    Enjoying the work during the work hours, and spending quality time with friends and family after work.

  • Convenient commute

    Headquartered in Seoul, Gangnam station, with good connection to the whole city/region

  • Personal & professional growth

    Gym/pilates membership, foreign language class tuition, R&D education, etc.

  • Inclusive & welcoming workplace

    EIPGRID does not discriminate against gender, race or religion, and is happy to welcome individuals from any cultural background or nationality.

  • Take a break facilities

    You can take a break and refresh in the massage room, have a glass of beer at the rooftop, or just lay back and rest in one of our lazy bags.

  • EIPGRID cafeteria

    Feeling hungry? Our members can find delicious breakfast every morning in our cafeteria, enjoy a freshly cooked, warm meal during lunchtime, and refresh with coffee, beer, or a glass of wine.



What I like best about EIPGRID is that I am motivated and appreciated every day, so the time I spend at work doesn’t even feel like work! It’s just me doing what I love with some great people by my side.

Elena, Marketing & Communications

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