EIPGRID has been offering DR(Demand Response) based energy portfolio management services globally with proven references in S.Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Here are the case of global projects conducted by EIPGRID. We’ve picked some of the representative case studies to show powerful & competitive-edge and technology.

Business Application : Demand Response, Peak-cut

Background & Objective

With the start of reforming the power system with VPP model in the Japanese energy market, comprehensively energy market & business structures have been renovated from centralized to decentralized schemes. Based on dramatical expansion of renewable energy resources and responding to the government's energy market loadmap, utilizing renewable energy in a stable and efficient manner is highly required.

The following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Developing systematic DR resource management complied with Japan’s market rules.
  2. Enhancing work-efficiency in DR resource management and secure DR resource reliability.
  3. Integrating with the customer's system to enable the monitoring and accurate estimation of demand for power.
Result (On-going)
  1. Delivered reliable DRMS complied with DR market specific regulation and policy based on global standard protocol, OpenADR2.0b
  2. Delivered DR events monitoring & management functions to participate TSO market
  3. Delivered analysis & estimation features on DR resources with CBL, RRMSE
  4. Delivered OpenADR2.0b Rev1.1 VTN Specification based OADR Event communication features
  5. Interfaced with related xEMS