EIPGRID has been offering DR(Demand Response) based energy portfolio management services globally with proven references in S.Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Here are the case of global projects conducted by EIPGRID. We’ve picked some of the representative case studies to show powerful & competitive-edge and technology.

MALAYSIA - Tenaga Nasional Berhad Research & GSO
Business Application: Demand Response, Virtual Power Plant(VPP)

Background & Objective

Demonstration of data communication between EIP-based 'ICCP/TASE.2 <-> OADR Adapter' This project is to prove the communication system between EIP-based ICCP/TASE.2 <-> OADR Adapter to let TNB Research Sdn. Bhd interface with GSO(Grid System Operator) systems to utilize VPP(Virtual Power Plant) resources and GSO-Grid System Operator. Also providing direct communication/control of end-users through smart devices. EIPGRID is providing EIP(VPP Platform), HW(ESS: Battery + PCS/PMS) with SK E&S, VPP Business Models, and Financial Models.

The following are the first stage objectives of this project.

- Operating ESS resources on client sites

  1. Test OADR Client boxes for GSO DR demo at real customer sites (G/H, TNBR, UNITEN)
  2. Interface OADR Client boxes with xEMS(BEMS for chiller system) to control the load (on/off)
  3. Interface OADR Client boxes with ESS

Proposed System Architecture

Demand Response Communication Concept

Result (On-going)
  1. Delivered VPP Platform to manage DERs based on VPP business and financial models
  2. Delivered OpenADR2.0 and TASE.2 based protocol converter(HW/SW)
  3. Delivered multi-protocol converter(client box)
  4. Delivered ESS operating safety guide
  5. Demonstrated communication concept successfully proving smooth&fast communication
  6. Performing peak shaving
ICCP/TASE.2 Inter Control Center Protocol
OADR Open Automated Demand Response
TNBR Tenaga Nasional Berhad Research
HW Hardware
PCS Power Conditioning System
PMS PCS Management System
xEMS Energy Management System
BEMS Battery Energy Management System