EIPGRID has been offering DR(Demand Response) based energy portfolio management services globally with proven references in S.Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Here are the case of global projects conducted by EIPGRID. We’ve picked some of the representative case studies to show powerful & competitive-edge and technology.

Business Application : Demand Response, Peak-cut

Background & Objective

The IT & Engineering expert, POSCO ICT, introduced the DR operating system(Demand Response Management System) provided by EIPGRID in order to participate into Korea DR market since 2014. It shows its strong presence in DR market where the total DR resouce capacity has been reached about 4,300 MW.

The following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Enhancing work-efficiency in DR resource management and secure DR resource reliability.
  2. Interfacing with the KPX(Korea Power Exchange) system and the KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation) system in the direction of enable the monitoring and accurate estimation of demand for power.
  3. Maximizing DR aggregation business profits on both Aggregator and DR participants, EIPGRID provides contract based DR resource portfolio service and real time DR event management service.
  1. Delivered reliable DRMS complied with DR market specific regulation and policy based on global standard protocol, OpenADR2.0b
  2. Delivered total four types of DR events monitoring & management functions those are Reliability DR(Emergency DR), Economic DR, Peak-Cut DR, Fine-dust DR
  3. Delivered profit simulation and settlement & performance reports functions aligning with four types of DR programs
  4. Based on released new EIPGRID features, POSCO ICT expects increasing work-efficiency(cutting routine work-flow) on DR resource sales & management and increasing profits
  5. Expanded DR resource portfolio of ‘Standard DR and Small-Mid size of DR’