EIPGRID has been offering DR(Demand Response) based energy portfolio management services globally with proven references in S.Korea, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

EIPGRID was already granted and has applied for multiple patents globally through strong R&D investment over the years. Our patents are focused on not only the energy business models but specific tech domains to enhance business & technical competitiveness in our business domains.

  • Profit & Loss determination system for supporting decision making on load reduction & energy transaction
  • Drone-monitored solar panel status examination methods
  • Reward mechanisms on DERs aggregation
  • Methods on V2B system development based on parking lots
  • Mobile power supplier and management server based on DMFC and ESS
  • Virtual Power Plant management methods and system with gamification based reward offering mechanism
  • Home energy management system Robot and smart home combined
  • Energy transaction mangement system and methods to utilize DERs in Micro-Grid
  • V2G Gamification service system and methods on EV rent-a-car business models and travel courses
  • Recommendation system and methods for EV charging station
  • Energy management system at Convenience store
  • The demand respnose resources discovering system and the method to utilize it to discover
  • The variable rate notification system with renewable energy resources
  • The method of frequency regulation event simulation and frequency regulation event simulation server
  • Error & faulty detecting system on solar panels by using big data model