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AI-based VPP resource optimal operating platform

Apr 17, 2020

Signed a Strategic Business Alliance Agreement with Kyunghee University Computer Engineering Department’s Intelligent Medical Platform (hereafter “IMP”) research center for “AI based VPP resource operation optimization”.

With Virtual Power Plant (hereafter ‘VPP’) Platform together with Malaysia’s major energy companies TNB and TNBR, not only building optimal operation management model for a variety of Energy Storage System (hereafter “ESS”) based distributed resources, but actively working on research and development of Policy/Regulation, VPP business model and financial model as well, and with diverse partners from home and abroad, is accelerating global business expansion.

“AI Doctor”, developed by Kyunghee University IMP research center, helps with decision making in general medical practice such as giving a diagnosis of disease, prescription, follow-up, etc, and has shown more than 98% accuracy for certain diseases.

AI Doctor works by combining blackbox and whitebox knowledge models, and its huge advantage is that by carrying the whitebox’s “knowledge process” feature its acquired knowledge is highly accurate and reliable.

Considering that Kyunghee University’s IMP can be used in the Energy field, we has jointly developed an Energy AI system in the past year. Through this agreement made by the two companies, we has exclusive rights to use Kyunghee University IMP research center’s Energy AI system for commercialization promotion, and by linking energy big data and proven technical skills in domestic and overseas energy and power field with Kyunghee University AI Platform core technology, we expects to provide a unique AI technology based VPP resource optimal operating service in energy/power field both in Korea and abroad.

“Building this unique AI based VPP resource operation platform through this agreement, and with our undeniable decade long expertise in the energy sector, will push us ahead of others and establish our position in the energy market as a global leading company,”

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