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EIPGRID solutions

Energy is uncertain,

your business shouldn’t be.

Find your solution.


Transform your community into a sustainable ecosystem by installing renewable energy resources (solar panels, ESS, EV charging stations, etc.) for end-users for more affordable electricity consumption in homes and buildings.



eip triangle


How you can benefit with
EIP Triangle

lower energy prices

Reduced energy costs

Maximize power usage from energy resources arounds you - solar panels on your rooftop, EV in your garage, or small-scale wind and hydropower system in your backyard - all of these resources can help you save operational costs and reduce electricity bill in homes and buildings.

resilient community

Resilient community

In the times of uncertain geopolitical and weather conditions, decentralized energy network brings the power and authority over energy and energy prices straight into your hands. Be a part of independent, reliable, and resilient community.

smart home


If you install renewables into your home or building, you can tailor your household energy consumption based on your day-to-day schedule by automating energy use of home appliances, including scheduling and remote charging of your electric car based on your lifestyle and needs.

celan environment

Cleaner environment

Take action on issues that are directly influencing your community. Reducing practices that are harmful to your heath and the environement, such as burning coal, oil, and biomass for electricity, is crucial for figthing cimate change, securing a clean air for our children, and protecting our health.

job creation


Getting involved in community energy initiatives plays a part in the advancement of innovative energy infrastructure, products, and services, which further accelerates local economic growth and creates new employment opportunities for people in your community.

renewables expansion

Renewable expansion

Governments at both the local and national levels have set environmental objectives that involve expansion of renewables and their safe integration into the power grid. This means more economic benefits for communities that promote those objectives by implementing sustainable business practices for management and operation of renewable resources.

How others benefit from EIP Triangle

Sri Lanka pv

Solar Project for

Sri Lanka government

Construction of a 20MW Solar System through Proof of Concept project with Sri Lanka government and establishing a market return structure through demonstration of PV-ESS connection through EIP Platform.

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