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EIPGRID Platform


in uncertain times

One platform for
all uncertainties

How can we combat rising energy prices? Can we secure grid stability and deal with intermittent solar and wind power? How to reduce our environmental footprint and make our houses more energy secure and resilient?

EIP Platform has the answer.

What EIP Platform can do for you

DER management

DER aggregation &


Know that your energy resources operate efficiently and bring you maximum profit.

energy forecasting


Load, demand, generation, price - use this data to balance your energy use and the grid.

charging schedule


Tailor your charge/discharge schedule of DERs to your needs and maximize revenue.

energy market participation

Financial benefits

Monetize your resources by participating in various energy programs and energy trading.

data analysis

Data analysis

Get detailed insights into asset performance, energy consumption and production.

grid stability

Grid stability

Optimize energy consumption to balance supply and demand,  and prevent overloading. 

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency and decrease vulnerability to supply and price instability.

energy security

Energy Security

Develop a resilient energy infrastructure to ensure  a diverse secure energy supply.


EIP Platform runs on a hybrid AI approach that combines advanced AI with expert knowledge and creates a powerful tool to solve complex energy problems.  

The hybrid AI system can provide accurate and fast solutions to a wide range of energy insecurities.

Our hybrid AI approach guarantees:

Advanced energy management

It ensures  a stable energy supply, reduced energy waste, and improves overall energy efficiency by accurate forecasting.

Higher flexibility

It responds to grid challenges and energy market dynamics in real-time by combining strengths of different AI models.

Greater cost savings

It helps improve profitability of renewable energy resources and make them more competitive.

Enhanced predictive maintenance

It provides timely anomaly detection before failures occur and extends the lifespan of the equipment due to optimal operation.

Why EIP Platform


Remove limits on energy assets size or type, provide added value to customers and expand into new markets with easily scalable energy management services.


Unlock new growth opportunities by catering to any energy resource owner or user, and operating in almost any energy market or regulatory environment.


Build trust with end-to-end data protection and interoperability, securing users’ privacy and allowing the seamless integration of multiple devices and energy assets.

Who can benefit from the platform

Are you a utility or aggregator?

Or maybe a renewable energy resource owner or residential user?

Everyone can benefit from EIP Platform regardless of whether you have energy resources or not.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with our team of experts.

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