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3 New Energy Patents In a Row, V2G and ESS related patents

Apr 17, 2020

Portable power supply equipment and portable power supply management server using DMFC and ESS

As a portable power supply equipment and a portable power supply management server using Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (“DMFC”) and Energy Storage System (“ESS”), it is possible to generate electricity by getting the power supply stored in electric vehicles or move to the location where the power supply is needed by using the built-in direct methanol fuel cell.

Because ESS stores the energy by collecting the electricity from numerous electric vehicles and then uses the surplus energy for charging when the electricity price is low, it plays a big role in cost reduction, but since the capacity of the battery in electric cars is small, implementing ESS is difficult.

DMFC is generating electricity by using methanol with fuel cell technology that is producing electricity by combining oxygen with hydrogen generated in the electrochemical reaction of water and methanol.Even though the demand for electric vehicle charging stations and chargers is increasing together with the spread of electric vehicles, the supply of electric vehicle charging stations is insufficient for tourist attractions that have to be accessed by car and similar situations, and it is filed to solve this issue.

Starting from the energy supplied to the electric vehicles, with this patent is possible to store the energy generated using DMFC, and quickly move to the location where the energy is urgently needed.

Patent for “Gamification V2G Service system and method for electric rent-a-car and tour course”

Vehicle To Grid (“V2G”), a core technology of this patent, is a system in which electric vehicles and power grids transmit power in both directions, charging electric vehicles according to the time and amount of electric power that the car owner is asking for, and supplying or selling the electricity to the electric power companies when necessary.

The supply of electric cars is expanding in certain regions, with focus on rental cars, and in Jeju Island especially, there is a high demand for rental cars, and since the tourist attractions are properly distributed within the island, tourists tend to stay at individual tourist attractions for at least one to three hours.

This patent creates a customized tour course for electric rental car users and introduces gamification to induce users to find tourist attractions participating in V2G services and to stay for a long time at the touristic spot.

Users can participate in the power trading market with the power supplied from the electric rent-a-car parked in the tourist spots, points are provided to users based on their participation in V2G services, and competition among participants is encouraged.

V2B construction method using parking lots

This patent is a system that manages electric power by using a two-way charger that is connecting parked electric cars and ESS, that is storing energy generated from the solar panels installed on the roof of the parking facility.

Recently, the V2G system transmitting the power stored in electric cars' batteries is drawing attention, but there is no way to participate in the electricity trading market with electric car batteries. Invented to solve the above problem, this patent can increase the amount of electricity that can participate in the electricity trading market by using batteries of electric cars parked in parking lots with installed solar panels, provide charging services at the request of electric car users, or provide parking fee reduction in response to the electric discharge.

Last year also acquired patents in the renewable energy field one after another, such as “Solar panel fault detection system using big data”, “Solar panel inspection method using drones”, “Point system construction method for activating V2G transactions” etc. and is continuing to dominate the market as a leading company in new energy business.

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