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A strategic partnership for collaboration in the VPP market with Rainforest Automation

May 31, 2022

EIP, a Seoul, South Korea based provider of industry-leading community VPP services, has entered into a strategic partnership with Rainforest Automation, energy management solutions expert, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, for collaboration in the global energy market.

Through this partnership, the companies aim to join hands in advancing the global VPP (Virtual Power Plant) business through Demand Response resource-based automated DER (Distributed Energy Resource) management services, including EV (Electric Vehicle) battery optimization, peak reduction, energy arbitrage, demand response, frequency response, and prosumer-based energy management.

EIP has a proven record in the DR-based energy management and VPP industry, and provides a wide range of customizable platform services to let asset owners monetize their distributed energy assets. Its EIP Platform is supported by functions such as real-time monitoring, smart scheduling, forecasting, anomaly detection, and AI and Machine Learning, for stable and intelligent energy operation and management. Rainforest Automation is an expert in helping utilities and their customers manage energy in real-time by integrating the IoT into the Smart Grid edge. It also supports advanced EV management, enables energy efficiency and demand response programs for utilities, and Smart Home convenience and reduced energy costs for residential consumers.

Under this arrangement, EIP will integrate Rainforest Automations' EV solution to create a market-leading joint platform that will combine EIP’s VPP and DER management with Rainforest Automation’s EV resource management expertise. From this integration, EIP will provide streamlined business model operations for EV users and EV CPO (Charge Point Operators) supported with various DR mechanisms and global standard protocols (OpenADR, OCPP, etc.).

This collaboration is set to create a new VPP ecosystem that will support all stakeholders, including consumers, aggregators, utilities, and project partners, and will act as an important alliance that will enable EIP and Rainforest to grow their business across many regions while revolutionizing the energy VPP market on a global scale.

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