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Meet The Team: Henry

Apr 18, 2024

We are thrilled to introduce the force behind our DNO application, and an example of the exceptional talent that fuels our company's success.

Hi, my name is Henry, and I have been doing both front-end and back-end development here at EIP for almost 2 years now.

Tell us how you start your work day at EIP.

We have flexible work hours here at EIP - I choose to work from 8 to 5, and as soon as I step into the office, I go straight to our cafeteria for a cup of coffee. Then I’m ready to start the day… 

Working in the IT sector as a developer comes with its set of rewards and challenges. What would those be?

Working for a tech company seems to be everyone’s dream as IT companies like EIP tend to have a more flexible working environment and we employees have a lot of freedom and many perks. But there are challenges for sure. Tech as an industry grows every day, there are new technologies and applications popping up all the time which means that as a developer, you need to study and learn all the time to keep up with the trends and continue to develop good products.

Did you always know you wanted to code? What did you want to become when you were little?

I love movies and I dreamed of being a movie director.

How did you go from a movie director to working in the energy field as a developer?

It’s actually way more similar than you would think! Movie directors have an image in their head and they bring it to life through movies - it’s the same in my work, I love that through coding I can create anything I can think of.

What would be the most stressful part of your job, and how do you deal with it?

I don’t get stressed at my job, and when I do, I just drown in snacks from the EIP cafe!

Share with us 3 things you can’t work without.

Can’t start my day without coffee, can’t focus without a good nap time in the EIP relax zone, and while coding I like listening to fun, upbeat music, so I need my AirPods.

When code isn't working, who do you go to for help?

Sometimes there are senior developers from all over the world encountering the same issue as me, so Googling usually helps me see how they fixed the code. If that doesn’t work, I turn to a couple of my seniors who guide me as I find the solution.

Could you share with us a project you’ve worked on in EIP that you were most passionate about?

I’ve really enjoyed working on EIP’s Distribution Network project. Working next to some of the best developers in the energy industry, I learned how to flexibly design middleware, and experience (and solve) problems that could arise when working in a closed network. It also felt good to be part of such a successful project.

When working on a project, you’re collaborating with many stakeholders and sometimes there is discrepancy in how different roles approach the same issue. How can project managers and developers find the middle ground?

Some project managers see a bug or a feature that needs some polishing and think that it should just be fixed instantly. However, from the developer's POV, there are various things to consider when fixing a bug instead of just offering a quick fix. We developers usually hate rough development because it’s too rushed. Even if it takes longer, we prefer having room to consider several perspectives when developing something in order to deliver a great product. That’s why in EIP we rely on transparent communication and expectations in our projects - it’s the only way to bridge the divide in opinions.

I’m glad to hear about the good communication within the team! And what attracted you to EIP in the first place?

I used to work for a VPP-related company in the past, and I was looking for my next opportunity very carefully. I was happy to see the opening at EIP as I wanted to further my career in this field even though I was nervous due to it being my first job change. However, I enjoyed the interview process, it was done in a relaxed atmosphere which made me feel very comfortable and excited about joining the team. That is actually the biggest difference I felt after joining EIP - the company’s atmosphere, flexibility, and freedom.

After working here for 2 years, what is your impression?

Employees stay in EIP for a long time. I knew that prior to joining, but now I see the reason as well. Also as a developer, there is so much room to learn, grow and become an expert.

What’s your favorite employee perk?

In-house massage service! Nothing better than having some relaxing massage when you feel tired or need an energy boost in the afternoon.

Do you have any advice for people interested in your career?

Focusing on one field and studying a lot. There’s no easy way - pick what you like and work hard for it!

Thank you for sharing your EIP experience with us, Henry!

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