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Delivering ESS based VPP Business model and Financial model in Malaysia with TNB

Through this collaboration with TNB, we delivered a customized VPP Platform with hardware and VPP Business and financial models.

Background & Objective

In order to develop ESS based VPP (Virtual Power Plant) Business models and Financial model in Malaysia, we cooperatrd & co-invested with TNBR( TNB Research Sdn. Bhd.) which has been the in-house solution provider for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) since 1993.

Through this collaboration with TNBR, we delivered EIP VPP Platform, HW (ESS: Battery + PCS/PMS), VPP Business Models and Financial Models.

The following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Developing & customizing Malaysia electricity market oriented VPP platform and do EPCC ESS(Energy Storage System, 4MWh) on demonstration sites

  2. Developing & verify VPP business models and financial models based on VPP Platform

  3. Proposing VPP related policy & regulation aligning with VPP business models and financial models

  4. Operating ESS resources on client sites

  5. Interfacing with GSO(Grid System Operator) systems to utilize VPP resources

Results (On-going)

  1. Delivered VPP business models and financial models

  2. Delivered VPP Platform to manage DERs based on VPP business models and financial models

  3. Delivered OpenADR2.0 and TASE.2 based protocol converter(HW/SW)

  4. Delivered multi protocol converter(client box)

  5. Delivered ESS operating safety guide

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