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Demand Response customization project for Thailand's Provincial Electricity Authority

Delivered a customized solution to PEA for automated demand response (ADR) and incentive-based features.

Background & Objective

To design an information technology for automated demand response (ADR) architecture of PEA and support the incentive-based demand response program such as CPP, EMDR, IR and DLC based on the DRMS that is covered for Direct Load Control, Smart Home Resource(Load) management, Smart Building Resource(Load) management, we have offered PEA purpose oriented DR resource management system.

The following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Developing & customizing Thailand(PEA) electricity market oriented DR resource management system and do EPCC load connected devices on demonstration sites

  2. Verifying DR program(CPP, EMDR, IR and DLC) based DR real time DR resource management

  3. Interfacing with PEA MDMS to utilize DR resources

Result (On-going)

  1. Delivered OpenADR2.0 based DR resource management system

  2. Delivered DR resource management-supporting devices (Power meter, Gateways)

  3. Delivered DR resource operating guide

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