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Providing customized VPP to Japanese utilities

Delivered a customized Virtual Power Plant Platforms tackling challenges specific to the Japanese market and aligned with Japan's regulations and policies

Background & Objective

With the start of reforming the power system with VPP model in the Japanese energy market, comprehensively energy market & business structures have been renovated from centralized to decentralized schemes. Based on dramatical expansion of renewable energy resources and responding to the government's energy market loadmap, utilizing renewable energy in a stable and efficient manner is highly required.

The following are the objectives of this project.

  1. Developing systematic DR resource management complied with Japan’s market rules.

  2. Enhancing work-efficiency in DR resource management and secure DR resource reliability.

  3. Integrating with the customer's system to enable the monitoring and accurate estimation of demand for power.

Results (On-going)

  1. Delivered reliable DRMS complied with DR market specific regulation and policy based on global standard protocol, OpenADR2.0b

  2. Delivered DR events monitoring & management functions to participate TSO market

  3. Delivered analysis & estimation features on DR resources with CBL, RRMSE

  4. Delivered OpenADR2.0b Rev1.1 VTN Specification based OADR Event communication features

  5. Interfaced with related xEMS

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