ASIA NO.1, DR Based DER portfolio optimizing and operating business platform
- Perfectly support your market Policy & Regulations, Technology -

The reason why people want ‘EIP’

"ASIA NO.1, DR Based DER portfolio optimizing and operating business platform"
- Perfectly support your market Policy & Regulations, Technology -

Since 2010, through the decade of experiences in the energy domain, the EIP supports Demand Response scheme based optimal resource portfolio and management services to global partners and clients.

It has been proven with numbers those are more than 2,000MW acculmulated DR resource contract capacity, ESS/Battery data aggregation & management and expands to EV related busienss domains.

EIP Market Participating Model

<EIP market participating model>

Offers Real time operating, Anomaly Detection, Portfolio, Scheduling & Forecasting aligning with your business models.

Real Time Operating

For real-time data gathering, processing and monitoring, EIP provides the world’s fastest time series database technology which is already proven database technology used by hundreds of organizations who require high performance on time-series solutions. The core database is optimized for ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of structured & unstructured data.

Anomaly Detection

In order to ‘MANAGE’ sensitive DERs like an ESS(Energy Storage System), EIP offers ‘Anomaly Detection’ feature. Over the 24/7, It monitors every DERs status in real time and it alerts when anomalies are detected such as changes on battery module/Cell its temperature, voltage, current, etc.


Based on DR(Demand Response) Scheme, EIP serves every energy resource portfolio management strategy to achieve business goals. Various types of energy resources on EIP are perfectly led to the “FORMATION(Strategic Energy Resource Group)” and work independently & dependently aligning with business goals. Not to mention portfolio management, to secure & protect business strategic information & data EIP services world top ranked cyber security solution.

Scheduling & Forecasting

Every resources on EIP is automatically operated by well-planned schedules and it minimize human intervention on resource management. In order to minimize human intervention, EIP supports proven ‘AI & Machine-Learning’ based the scheduling & Forecasting features. EIP forecasts capacity of LOAD, GENERATION on every resource types.


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Load Aggregator Management System

Demand Response Management

  • The 1st and most proven DRMS(Demand Response Management System) based on global standard protocol, OpenADR
  • The total accumulated DR contract capacity has been reached 2,000MW
  • References in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia
ESS based VPP Platform

ESS based VPP Platform

  • ESS resources have been aggregated and monitored
  • AI & Machine-Learning based ESS scheduling & Forecasting and anomaly detecting
  • References in Korea, Japan, Malaysia
Gamification based V2G Platform

V1G, V2G Pilot

  • Verified Gamification incentive model based V1G, V2G models with global Telecom company
  • DR(Demand Response) Scheme & VPP model based EV(Battery) resource utilizing
  • References in Korea
Micro-Grid Management System

MG resource management pilots

  • Managed multi types of resources such as CHP, PV, ESS to achieve energy market balance
  • DR(Demand Response) Scheme based energy resource simulation & utilizing
  • References in Korea
Home Energy Management System

Home Energy Management

  • Managed PV resources on residences and enhance communication efficiency among (Resource) Operator, Vendor, Installer and end users.
  • DR(Demand Response) Scheme based energy resource simulation & utilizing
  • References in Korea, Australia
Energy Transaction System P2P

Energy Prosumer

  • Demonstrated energy transaction business scenarios considering market scheme, regulation, technical issues
  • Developed & verified prosumer platform
  • References in Korea, UK

EIP Platform

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Key Advantages

  • Energy Market & Business model-oriented flexible and scalable architecture.
  • Supporting vertical & horizontal communications based on global standard protocols.
  • Offering DER(Distributed Energy Resources) specific various protocols to gather real-time data.
  • Supporting ‘VPP Connect (I-ON VPP Client Box)’ inside of ESS Container to have communication between VPP Platform and ESS.

Key Features

  • Support Global Standard Protocols based Communications & System
    Interfacing with various EMS and Devices.
  • Real-time Monitoring & Control & Management.
    - DR Resources (Load monitoring from C&I, Residential)
    - DER_PV, ESS, EV and Charging station
  • Dispatch Event Monitoring, Management, Settlement for DR, FR, etc.
  • Forecasting on Consumption & Generation.
  • Geographical View Resource Monitoring in real-time.
VPP monitoring

Global Partners and Clients

(in ascending)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • BlackRidge Technology
  • Busan City Gas
  • eMotorsWerks
  • Enel X
  • FA
  • GS Caltex
  • Guide House
  • Kyeonghee University
  • KPX
  • KT
  • Kx
  • SGtech
  • Provincial Electricity Authority
  • Rockwell Automation
  • SK E&S
  • Telenor Connexion
  • Tenaga National
  • TIS INTEC Group


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Patent for Demand Management System for the operation of small hydropower generation using aquaculture effluent (as a DER)
2020. 11. 18

We acquired a patent for a Demand Management System for the operation of small hydropower generation using aquaculture effluent as a distributed energy resource (hereinafter “DER”). Through signing a business agreement for cooperation in the energy field with Shinhwa S&C Co., we co-applied for a patent early this year.

Patent for a Demand Response-based integrated DER operating system
2020. 10. 14

We acquired a patent for a Demand Response (hereinafter “DR”) based integrated operating system that supports the operation of efficient portfolio models with distributed energy resources (hereinafter “DER”) on October 7.

EIP’s VPP platform introduced in a new report from Guidehouse insight.
2020. 09. 04

One of the leading global providers of energy business consulting service companies, ‘Guidehouse’, released the articles about EIP’s VPP platform.

Acquires 3 New Energy Patents In a Row, V2G and ESS related patents.
2020. 04. 17

Portable power supply equipment and portable power supply management server using DMFC and ESS

AI-based VPP resource optimal operating platform
2020. 04. 17

Signed a Strategic Business Alliance Agreement with Kyunghee University Computer Engineering Department’s Intelligent Medical Platform (hereafter “IMP”) research center for “AI based VPP resource operation optimization”.

participates in 2019 ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit
2020. 04. 17

An expert in energy data management and energy ICT leader in the Asian region, participated in 2019 ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit and ASEAN-Republic of Korea Innovation Showcase 2019.

One of the Top 10 Utilities Technology Solution Providers in the Asia-Pacific region for 2019 in the Utilities Tech Outlook magazine.
2020. 04. 17

An expert in developing enterprise-level data management software, has been active in the Energy business for several years already and is dominating the market in Korea and Asia. With a wide range of solutions, we are involved in diverse energy projects around the globe with local partners, industry leaders and government organizations. Last October, the Company has been approved a total of three patents for the domestic market. Our newest patents include “Visitor seat finding system and method for IoT theaters”, “Solar panel inspection method using drones” and “Server and utilization management of distributed resources, including micro-grid power trading system”.

a reseller agreement with BlackRidge Technology
2020. 04. 17

Signed a reseller agreement with US based BlackRidge Technology International Inc. (“BlackRidge”), a leading provider of next-generation cyber defense solutions, through which we delivers BlackRidge’s portfolio of high-quality cyber security solutions, including their recent TAC Identity Device, through our efficient energy management network. The Company intends to implement BlackRidge solutions in electricity markets through energy related projects in Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and the UK.

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