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Data Analysis & Report Engine

AI tools for maximizing your profits in the energy industry

Data is the future.
And the future is

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D1 | Data analysis server

Quick and accurate energy data assessment and analysis for checking the data consistency (CBL, RRMSE)


D2 | Decision Dynamics

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A set of AI tools for real-time model training & serving for most optimal and profitable energy decisions 


D3 | Data Discovery Den

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Energy data visualization with shareable reports connected to various data sources and real-time updates

DARE - Next level Machine Learning

Next-level Machine Learning model

Machine Learning model training is a complex process that requires expertise and advanced technologies. Unlike traditional programming, where rules are explicitly defined, EIPGRID approach leverages the power of data to enable intelligent systems.

Uncover gold in energy data - easier than ever.

DARE - uncover gold in energy data

Our cutting-edge AI services are tailored to elevate your energy business, regardless of its stage or application, in the simplest way possible. Whether you are a well-established energy player or just starting, our powerful AI tools will give you the momentum needed to unlock the true potential of the energy industry, propelling you towards unparalleled success.

DARE - Analyze your strengths & weaknesses

Analyze your
strengths & weaknesses

Our comprehensive data assessment using state-of-the-art CBL and RRMSE metrics empowers you to identify your model's strengths and weaknesses, ensuring data consistency and robust performance.

DARE - Insights based on accurate forecasting

Insights based on
accurate forecasting

Get insights based on accurate forecasting: With our advanced forecasting algorithms, you gain valuable insights into future trends and patterns, enabling well-informed decision-making and strategic planning.

DARE - Personalized solutions & recommendations

Personalized solutions & recommendations

Our AI-driven recommendation engine analyzes your unique requirements and data, providing personalized suggestions for the best model and optimal outcomes tailored to your specific needs.

DARE - Define & implement your strategy

Define & implement your strategy

Utilizing our technology, you can easily define and seamlessly implement data-driven strategies, empowering your organization to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

DARE - Improve organizational effectiveness

Improve organizational

Our intuitive and insightful reports foster meaningful conversations and collaboration within your organization, driving improvements in overall effectiveness and achieving shared goals.

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