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Resource Portfolio Automation Engine

The core technology behind our solutions and services that power resilient and decarbonized communities.


Resource orchestration

Automated energy resource orchestration based on our Self Demand Response technology.

AI models you can trust

Experience the automated optimization with an evidence based system you can rely on.

Self Demand Response Technology

Operate the most efficient energy resource portfolio through AI-made Balancing Groups that automatically respond to your specific objectives (grid stability, monetizing, etc.).

Designed for Energy-as-a-Service schemes,

tailored for the community needs.

Data Mining & Analysis

Customized data governance for optimal operations with centralized & decentralized data capabilities.

Monetization like never before

RPA engine powered solutions are designed to prioritize most optimal scenarios for maximized profits in the energy markets.

Efficient, profitable, and sustainable solutions - all at once

RPA enables automated energy consumption and generation management, ensuring resilient operations while contributing to decarbonized energy practices. With advanced monetization features, you can also focus on optimizing grid stability and monetization of your energy assets.


RPA engine-powered AMADEUS is your virtual local power market operator, solving various pain points through energy business ecosystems provided by EIPGRID’s deep tech and in-house trained AI models.

✓  Community energy service platform for EaaS

  Optimizing commercial and industrial sites 

  Helping governments achieve decarbonization goals 

Curious how this could be applied to your community?

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