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Solutions that

reduce your costs

Maximized profits

Reduced costs with AI charging

Automatically time your vehicle recharges based on your usage pattern, fluctuating grid prices and real-time data, resulting in cost-efficient charging.

Optimal fleet performance

EIP VPP leverages real-time battery status and location tracking to orchestrate individual EVs and fleets, ensuring they're charged and discharged according to demand for maximum financial benefits.

Extra revenue generation

Participating in energy programs and grid initiatives enables EV owners to earn incentives by offering their vehicles' battery capacity to the grid.

EV charging

More than just a car


Potential beyond mobility

Our platform helps you unlock vehicle-to-grid (V2G) potential, enabling your EVs to actively support grid stability and revenue generation beyond mobility.

Contribute to grid resilience

By analyzing charging demand forecasts and vehicles' charging schedule, we integrate EVs into the energy landscape. It stabilizes the grid during peak demand and balances energy ecosystem.

Environmental impact

Through our VPP's advanced charge-discharge algorithm, you can strike the perfect balance between effective charging and a reduced carbon footprint

Complex technology,
easy implementation

Navigating the complexities of the energy sector doesn't have to be a daunting journey. We pride ourselves on not just understanding the intricate world of energy solutions but also simplifying the entire process for you. Our journey together begins with your unique needs and vision.

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Tailored to

Your Needs

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The solution to deliver a highly efficient digital platform, which provides secure real time monitoring and management of all assets (EV fleet, chargers, energy storage, solar panels, etc.)

EV charging

Scalable EV Charge-management in North America and Beyond

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