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with AI-backed decisions

AI-driven energy-management platform for all energy market players, from community managers and end-users with energy resources, to power aggregators and utilities.

The ultimate expert for
Demand Response and Virtual Power Plant
based applications


Demand Response

Maximize the potential of your energy resources and earn additional revenue by participating in energy markets.


Take control of your energy usage, allowing for better electricity management and cost reduction.

Battery storage

Our hybrid AI with innovative cell-level anomaly detection, load forecasting and financial incentives will leverage the value of your battery storage. 


Real-time monitoring, load and price forecasts, and optimal charging schedules for cleaner Earth, stable grid, and reduced costs.

Micro grid

Our advanced technology seamlessly connects multiple energy resources to create a single and efficient entity.


We offer new revenue streams through renewable energy trading in energy markets or registration for tradable CO2 certificates.

Why EIP Platform is
the ultimate Virtual
Power Plant platform

+ AI-driven

Real-time decision making and intelligent automation to manage your DERs.

Protects you from cyber threats and ensures reliable and safe operation.

+ Secure

+ Scalable

Unparalleled scalability that allows to easily add or remove energy resources.

+ Interoperable

Different DERs from multiple vendors can communicate effectively. 

Our portfolio of success stories

Building a better life on Earth with our strong network of global governments, utilities, and business partners


Battery storage


Solar energy


Demand Response


Secure Virtual Power Plant for Telecom industry

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Battery cell

Battery cell-level data collection and monitoring

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Customization for the Japanese energy market


EIPGRID Virtual Power Plant is Malaysia's Grid System Operator's choice

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EV charging

Scalable EV Charge management Solution in North America

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Thailand's Metropolitan and Provincial energy providers chose EIPGRID

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Chosen by top organizations

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Tap into the full capacity of your energy resources and cost savings with our VPP platform tailored to your needs.

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