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Explainable VPP.

An energy ecosystem merging VPP and Energy-as-a-Service for energy resource orchestration and independent, resilient, and decarbonized communities.

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Explainable VPP

Powered by Self-Demand-Response technology.


Create Demand Response based energy community ecosystem

Our Self-Demand-Response technology empowers communities with energy resource optimization and market trading capabilities.


Hybrid AI

Experience clarity in every decision with our Hybrid AI technology, providing transparent insights and results at every step of your journey.

No mis/disinformation

Our robust data integrity technology safeguards against misinformation and ensures that all decisions are founded on dependable data, substantiated by compelling evidence.

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Business logic

Utilize our flexible platform technologies to seamlessly implement your business strategies, ensuring optimal grid maintenance and diverse revenue streams.

xVPP - Your premier service platform for VPP and EaaS integration

Streamline your community's energy service roadmap into a unified energy ecosystem.

Interoperable space for all your energy operations

From demand response and energy resource management, to grid flexibility, network management, and decarbonization - unlock all energy benefits for profitable sustainability in one space.

Supporting the entire community

Whether you are a small community manager, load aggregator, or a utility company - we got your back. Choose a package best suitable to your community role, budget, and strategy.

Are you ready for VPP + EaaS opportunities arising in the world?

Seize the opportunity to take over the energy-as-a-service market and empower your community with cutting-edge energy solutions that drive growth, resilience, and prosperity. Set off your community energy business from the get-go, regardless of its stage or application, in the simplest way possible.

Curious how this could be applied to your community?

14-year-old track record

in Demand Response, DER, Microgrid, VPP


Battery storage


Solar energy


Demand Response


Secure Virtual Power Plant for Telecom industry

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Battery cell

Battery cell-level data collection and monitoring

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Customization for the Japanese energy market


EIPGRID Virtual Power Plant is Malaysia's Grid System Operator's choice

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EV charging

Scalable EV Charge management Solution in North America

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Thailand's Metropolitan and Provincial energy providers chose EIPGRID

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Chosen by top organizations

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Tap into the full capacity of your energy resources and cost savings with solutions tailored to your needs.

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