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Project Manager - USA


EIPGRID’s mission is to energize our life. Our company develops software for the energy industry that allows market players to manage and operate Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Energy utilities, load aggregators and asset owners use our platform under multiple scenarios such as participating in energy efficiency programs, monitoring their assets, making real-time load predictions and adjustments, hence contributing to the reliability and availability of energy for anyone, anywhere.
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You will be in charge of the development, management and oversight of all phases of our US Energy IT projects. The ideal candidate will be able to meet project’s deadlines, while ensuring project quality and proper management of relationship and communications with internal/external stakeholders. The successful candidate is expected to start in early September.


  • Oversee US projects research, feasibility diligence, development and execution
  • Design and coordinate project timelines and budgets
  • Identify and manage schedule/issues/risks to ensure smooth project realization
  • Communicate efficiently with external partners and clients, as well as our internal development team to ensure project quality and client satisfaction
  • Work on developing EIPGRID’s business on the US market and manage our network of US business partners

Skills & experiences:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Proven project management experience in the energy and/or IT industry
  • Strong ability and willingness to learn on a day to day basis
  • Teamwork oriented mindset and ability to develop strong bonds with colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Proficient in English and Korean (Business fluency)
  • Comfortable with regular traveling and potential dispatch to the USA

Benefits of working at EIPGRID:

  • Join an innovative, fast-growing company operating in a future-oriented field
  • Annual free health-check, free access to company-owned resorts for holidays
  • 15 days annual paid leave ; bonus of 15 days of paid leave after 3 years at EIPGRID
  • Free coffee, snacks and drinks
  • Work-life balance and every last friday afternoon of the month off
  • Salary : negotiable
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Web service front-end developer


  • Provide valuable web service user experience
  • UI/UX design and implementation in consideration of user convenience of web service
  • UI component design and implementation
  • API connection to link UI and data
  • Maintaining the quality of the front-end code
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Skills & Experience

  • More than 3 years of front-end development experience or equivalent
  • Able to see things from a user’s POV and focus on improving the user experience
  • Strive to build highly readable codes for collaboration, complying with web standards
  • Manage your own goals and schedules in a sprint-based free working environment
  • Considers working as a front-end developer as something meaningful and beyond simple home-office-home commute
  • Proficient understanding and utilization of HTML, SCSS, Javascript, NPM package/module for implementation of desired functions
  • Collaborating with other developers and versioning through Git and Github
  • Communicating with fellow developers, planners, and QA engineers based on issue management systems such as JIRA
  • Implementing and servicing a single-page application (SPA) using Vue or React and REST API
  • Dealing with large amount of data exposure in short time in many different ways


  • Able to embody the ideas that come to mind in the form of a simple storyboard/wireframe
  • Understand visual elements (font, color, shape, size, arrangement)
  • Majored in IT or have similar knowledge
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Data analyst


  • Establish and operate a data analysis system
  • Develop and analyze business models
  • Data analysis and development
  • Develop a prediction and optimization data modeling
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Skills & Experience

  • More than 3 years of experience in data analysis or equivalent
  • Good at deriving data insights through data extraction processing analysis, etc.
  • Proficient in data analysis using Python (pandas, keras, numpy, etc.)
  • Able to predict, optimize, and detect anomalies using machine learning and deep learning (Tensorflow, Pytorch, keras, etc.)
  • API service using flask
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