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Carbon Neutrality Strategy (Decarbonization Strategy through RE100%) and the Solution for the Energy Management

Jul 20, 2021

EIP have developed a Carbon Neutrality Strategy for Decarbonization Strategy through RE100%, operation of renewable energy generation using EIP Business Application strategy.The strategy allows companies, industries, and buildings to reduce carbon emission, energy consumption, and to register for Emission Reduction Credits through installation of Solar PV and EIP infrastructure. EIP has proven its top-level infrastructure in Korea, Europe, and Southeast Asia having more than 10 years of experience in the energy sector.

EIP Business Application for Decarbonization Strategy

EIP Business Application for Decarbonization Strategy

Promoting Decarbonization through Renewable Energy such as Solar PV to increase the consumption of clean energy, reducing carbon emission and reducing energy consumption for a cleaner environment. Fully managing the energy sector through the VPP Resource Operating Business Platform (EIP) is a meaningful change for a clean environment by utilizing self-power generation through a solar pv. EIP’s strategy is designed to help reduce the cost of existing electricity used in the building/factory/industry and at the same time earn extra economic benefits and expand implementation strategy as a resource capable of operation management.

EIP’s Infrastructure is highly efficient and focuses on Decarbonization Through RE100% & CO2 Certification. By installing RE, EIP can turn any community into clean energy self-sufficient and make it eligible for many incentives from the government and allows it to participate in the DR market. This program reduces CO2 emission, energy consumption and generates extra financial opportunities for all participants, while contributing to decarbonization, and becoming eligible to register for tradable CO2 Certificates. Through this business application, EIP can make Korea energy efficient and transform to Renewable Energy that simultaneously reduces emission. Through this business application, EIP supports Korea’s NDC and meets the 2030 and 2050 targets.

About EIP

With more than a decade of experience in the energy domain, EIP grew into a global and market-leading provider of DR-based DER portfolio optimizing and operating business platform that enables virtual decentralized power plant management following your business strategy, and communication with various energy resources. Through EIP, energy players such as Utility, Load aggregators, etc. can get a customized service that is aligned with their business strategy, requirements, and each market’s regulations, while also choosing how they want to participate in the market and efficiently managing their resources in real-time.

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