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EIPGRID participates at BSW Bounce

Dec 6, 2022

As an energy tech expert and frontier in the Asian market, EIPGRID participated in Busan's largest global startup conference, BOUNCE, on November 24~25, at Busan’s exhibition and convention center, Bexco.

At the event that annually gathers domestic and international innovators and technology enthusiasts, EIPGRID team showcased a suite of offerings that helps users in various industries obtain profit and efficient energy usage simultaneously by maximizing the utilization of their energy resources, such as electric vehicles, batteries, and solar panels.

EIPGRID’s energy management technology caught the attention of start-ups, officials, and the general public, many of whom were particularly interested in the AI/Machine Learning feature that powers the EIP Platform. The platform is designed to support all energy market players, from community managers and end-users with energy resources, to power aggregators and utilities in charge of the grid, and with our AI forecasting and suggestion function, all market participants are able to achieve the most optimal power consumption diving into various business applications, including Demand Response, Solar, Energy Storage, EV, and Micro-Grid. EIPGRID team also promoted the service line that allows customers to explore numerous benefits of the RE100 business model and CO2 trading, which is gaining momentum among the governments and businesses across the globe, as the world is slowly but surely moving in the Net Zero direction.

BOUNCE was an opportunity for startups from around the world to gather at one place and explore different ways to connect, develop new business ideas, and explore learning and networking opportunities. Our team opened new doors for collaboration with innovative partners, in order to further diversify our portfolio and continue to build a better community energy ecosystem that can foster a more profitable and more sustainable life.

If you are interested in exploring collaboration options with EIPGRID, contact our team or follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated about company projects and events.


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