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Meet The Team: Dasol

Jan 12, 2024

Today we are introducing you to one of EIP’s brightest and most energetic members. Meet Dasol!

Hi everyone! I am Dasol, and I go by “Netasha” here in EIP, because use English names around here. I have been a Front End Developer for 3 years already!

How does a front end developer at EIP spend their day?

In my 5 day workweek, my main tasks revolve around maintaining the platform and developing new projects. My specialty is creating energy-data visualizations.  

What do you like best about your role?

I love that the changes are visible right away... I can see the changes on screen of the app I'm working on, and it's so fun to visually follow the job being completed bit by bit.

In contrast to the fun parts that you enjoy, what would you consider a challenge or a downside?

Things that don’t work are just as visible! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You can see what isn’t working, and clients who aren't familiar with the development process can sometimes complain about the design or UX.

Let’s rewind a little bit - what did you want to become when you were little?

It used to change so often when I was little, that it’s difficult to choose just one. I wanted to be a painter, writer, lawyer, nurse, etc. If someone praised me even a little bit as a kid, saying I would look cool in that role, I would decide to become that when I grow up!

Oh, I wonder how you ended up a developer…

I actually started learning coding by chance, but I found it so fun that it became my profession.

I’m always happy to see people discover their talent and passion. Can you share with us a bit about your work style as well? What are the 3 things you absolutely cannot work without?

Healthy body and mind, and good career prospects.

I agree, those are very important, and are part of EIP core values. I can see why you adapted here so well! Now let’s talk about coding itself - does listening to music help stay concentrated?

When I listen to music, I usually can’t focus well and I get distracted easily, so I usually don’t listen to music while working.

And when code isn't working or you’re trying to fix an issue, who do you go to for help first - ChatGPT or a coworker? Who’s a better problem solver?

First I go to ChatGPT, trying to solve anything I can on my own before asking a coworker… Not really sure who is better though! Because even my coworkers go to GPT when they can’t find an answer… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Is there any project in particular that you were really passionate about?

It was the MFC project, or Mobile Fast Charging. It was my very first energy app development, so naturally there were many things I didn't know, I had to study a lot and it was challenging. But I enjoyed feeling proud after successfully completing the task.

When you hear “energy”, what is the first thing that pops in your mind?

Absolute necessity! The more, the better!!

That’s something you definitely don’t lack, I love your energy! However, in work, even energetic and positive people such as yourself might have to deal with stressful situations sometimes… How do you handle stress?

I’m into dance and dancing helps release stress a lot, and of course, talking with friends and coworkers always helps.

What would be the best part of working in EIP, and your favorite facility/perk?

I love that we have a free dress code, freedom to take annual leave without reporting to anyone, and of course, working with fun coworkers. I also like that we can choose our work hours, and use the company cafe during work but also for personal events!

Do you have any advice for people interested in your career?

Front end development requires a much wider perspective and more diverse experience than a person would think. You can only produce good results if you don’t focus simply on development, but consider everything from planning and design, all the way to the users.

Thank you so much for your time today. I loved learning about you and your role. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

EIPGRID aspires to build a mighty world with the seed of energy. We believe that our energy business, which has always been closely intertwined with our lives, will increasingly exert a larger and positive influence on the world, becoming more and more important.

Beautifully said. Thank you Dasol!

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