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Electric Vehicles: Grid strain combating tool of the decade

Solving operational challenges due to insufficient availability of power on-site

Customer Profile

  • EV fleet owner with a growing number of vehicles under operation (Airports, Shopping Malls, Government Buildings)


  • Strain on the power grid, capacity issues

  • Operational challenges due to insufficient availability of power on-site (fleet manager have to drive off site to charge the vehicles instead of charging them locally)


  • Installation of a mobile Battery ESS (BESS) on site with the EIP Virtual Power Plant Platform as an orchestration tool to:

  1. Schedule charge and discharge cycles of the BESS in order to ensure power availability to support the EV fleet

  2. Manage EV charging cycles as to avoid causing excess grid strain

  3. Run electricity price arbitrage and participate in the US Demand Response market with the BESS in order to collect incentives, enable BESS monetization and accelerate ROI


  • Energy conservation & reduced fleet management

  • Optimized energy storage usage

  • Overcoming infrastructure limitations through agility

Project Gallery

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