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Enhancing utility efficiency with grid-connected ESS algorithm

Cutting-Edge ESS AI Algorithm for Enhanced Power Reserve Management

Customer profile: 

Utility company


Maintaining power reserve over 20 MW while maximizing revenue from discharging when reserve forecast falls below the threshold.


Optimize ESS operation for profitability using AI.


DARE Data Analysis to design cutting-edge grid-connected ESS algorithm

Algorithm applications:

1. TPCP (Trading Period Capacity Payment) Algorithm: Applied during November to February for efficient capacity management and revenue optimization.

2. Arbitrage vs Peak Cut Analysis: Identifying the best revenue-maximizing option by analyzing peak forecasts and tariff data.


Enhanced Revenue Generation: Previously, the ESS remained underutilized with manual arbitrage. Now, our algorithm empowers the utility to optimize operations and generate substantial revenue.

Efficient ESS Management: Ensuring the power reserve stays above the desired 20 MW while capitalizing on additional revenue opportunities.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Accurate insights lead to better-informed decisions for increased profitability.

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