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Unlocking profit potential: AI-powered VPP interworking PV-ESS algorithm

Seamless integration of AI-Driven PV and ESS strategies to optimize generation, bidding and profitability

Customer Profile:

PV owners and aggregators


- excess PV generation leads to curtailment.

- day-ahead bidding carries penalties if actual generation falls short of the bid.


DARE Market Analysis and Forecast for Revenue-Driven PV-ESS Management

Algorithm Applicatins:

1. AI-powered optimal PV operation: Empowering informed bidding decisions through precise generation forecasting. 

2. ESS integration: Interconnecting PV and ESS for smart bidding strategies. ESS seamlessly matches bids when PV generation is insufficient, earning extra revenue. Excess power efficiently stored in the battery during surplus generation.


Precise Generation Forecasting: Allows to win bids more effectively and avoid penalties to significantly boost revenue and profitability.

Smart Bidding: PV owners and aggregators are enabled to tailor their bids to match actual generation and stay ahead of the competition.

Enhanced Revenue Generation: Increased profitability  due to optimized PV management by matching ESS usage to bid requirements during low PV generation and storing excess power during surplus.

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