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EIPGRID and Intertrust Unveil World’s First Secure, Scalable Virtual Power Plant Technology

Feb 27, 2024

EIPGRID and Intertrust Unveil World’s First Secure, Scalable Virtual Power Plant Technology 

xVPP debuts at Distributech offering significant green energy savings and robust data privacy through diverse controllable devices

February 27, 2024, Orlando, FL –  Digital Energy leader, EIPGRID today announced xVPP, the world’s first secure, open, and scalable virtual power plant (VPP) system built on Intertrust’s XPN secure IoT technology. Intertrust is the world’s leading provider of security and interoperability technologies for distributed IT/OT services. The announcement was made at the Distributech International conference, (booth #3613), being held in Orlando, FL this week.

VPPs use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to control devices such as solar panels, storage batteries, heat pumps and EV chargers to drive the clean energy transition while alleviating potential requirements for massive investments in the grid. Capable of managing renewables and balancing grid loads, VPPs hold tremendous promise to advance the use of green energy. However, most current solutions manage only proprietary device ecosystems and lack the security, data privacy, and transparency necessary to control disparate, distributed energy resource devices. The result is a trove of security holes that state actors and hackers can exploit, potentially jeopardizing entire energy systems.

EIPGRID has pioneered a robust AI framework for implementing VPPs, demand-response systems, energy as a service (EaaS) infrastructure, and microgrids. When integrated with Intertrust’s XPN, a robust, open, and transparent authentication technology for secure computing in zero-trust environments, xVPP is a complete end-to-end solution that provides:

  • Robust energy management via a scalable and transparent AI framework that is custom built for operators’ requirements

  • Monitoring capabilities that provide the operator with tracking, auditing and control capabilities via a “Virtual Operations Center” 

  • Data security and governance that protects enterprise and customer security and privacy, allowing for trusted and reliable VPP operations

  • End-to-end data and device security and secure computing for high resilience in zero trust environments 

  • Directly controllable endpoint devices that can communicate securely with the AI backend and receive predictable, safe control signals through Intertrust’s XPN Partner Program ( 

Intertrust will support xVPP deployments in the United States in partnership with EIPGrid. Intertrust brings three decades of secure systems and services expertise that powers billions of devices around the planet. When coupled with EIPGIRD’s AI and energy management capabilities, both companies will provide the most scalable, secure, and future-proof green digital energy management solution.

Intertrust and EIPGRID will demonstrate xVPP at Distributech International (booth #3613).


EIPGRID Inc. is a community energy services and solutions provider with more than a decade of experience in the energy domain and operations across the globe. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, the company offers a product line designed to support all energy market players, from community managers and end-users with energy resources, to power aggregators and utilities in charge of the grid. Through EIPGRID’s cutting-edge technology powered by AI, all market participants get to maximize their profits through the most optimal power management while diving into various business applications, including Demand Response, Solar, Energy Storage, EV, Micro-Grid, and simultaneously exploring numerous benefits of the RE100 business model and CO2 trading. For more information and updates, visit EIPGRID’s official website, LinkedIn and X.


About Intertrust 

Intertrust, a pioneer and innovator in the field of trusted distributed computing, creates solutions to persistently protect IoT services and data assets—in transit, in use, and at rest. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with development centers in India and Estonia, Intertrust develops and licenses its technologies for IoT, AI, and Web3. Its digital rights management (DRM) technology continues to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry, and paves the way for today’s video and music streaming services and Web3 marketplaces. The company’s digital energy management (DEM) solution uses the same secure IoT and data interoperability techniques to help energy companies with decarbonization, grid modernization and operations automation. For more information, visit us at, or follow us on X or LinkedIn.

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